Using Cool Gadgets to Increase Your Productivity

pc, table, phone, cup of coffee

There are cool gadgets coming out every day, and many of them could be just the thing you need to be way more productive at work.

Possibilities include tablets, new mobile business phones, and many more. Here are a few examples.


Portable Projectors

Portable projector gadgets like the iGO portable projector can make you way more productive since it will allow you to do a lot more on the go.

There must be a lot of times where you want to do work, but all you have is a smartphone or something small, and it’s too hard to do work on such a tiny screen.

Portable projectors let you project screens up to 70 inches. So all you need is a white space to project onto and you can get going.

The device will also help you make it easier to do presentations since you won’t need to lug in a huge projector into the office.

pc, table, phone, cup of coffee


Smart Printers

Another gadget that will help you be more productive are smart printers that come with a little device that looks like a touchscreen iPad.

This lets you access the web right from your printer, and it also makes it much easier to print out whatever you need by accessing the files remotely with the control panel.

It will detach too if you need an extra way to browse. But the main point is that you won’t have to hunt around for files anymore and you could save some serious time that way, making you more productive.


Latest Business Phones

There are some great smartphones on the market these days that can help you with your business applications.

Phones like the HTC One, if you connect them up with business VoIP plans, can really help you save money in the long run while at the same time giving you all the connectivity you need. For example, the HTC One has the full HD capabilities.

This means that you can connect it to a larger screen with the right cord, or by using something like a projector, and then use it to get a great image of a video conferencing session.

After all, it can be pretty hard to see everyone on a tiny screen, especially if you have many multiple people all in on the call.

In these situations, you really need full HD to see everything well. There are a few phones out on the market that can do this.


Touch Mouse

There are new mouse gadgets on the market now that actually have a touch screen on them instead of just being a solid unit.

They allow you to scroll in any direction, and they allow you to access different things on your computer with just one touch.

They could make you a lot more efficient in what you’re doing, essentially saving you time so that you can get more of what you want done in a day and be more productive.



There are some seriously fast laptops on the market these days of all varieties.

If your laptop is slowing you down, then getting a fast laptop could seriously improve your output. It’s also possible that your laptop is too big, and so you don’t bring it with you as often as you would otherwise.

If you get stuck in airports and bus stops a lot with nothing to do, it can help to get something like a Chromebook or an Apple Air to help you stay connected and stay productive even if you can’t get to your home or office right away.



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