It’s 2018, and These Social Media Marketing Mistakes are not Acceptable Anymore

It was only a few years ago when social media marketing became a big thing. With the rise of social media and the number of people businesses can reach via social media, it is no longer practical to avoid this platform for advertising. It is a waste of an opportunity.

Some strategies used before worked well while others did not. However, even the strategies thought to be effective are no longer useful today. Worse, some mistakes are not only harmful on a short-term basis but could have a longer impact. These are among the errors that you need to avoid.


Targeting a few people

When you use social media, you want to reach as many people as you can, but you also want these people to be potential buyers. If you target them to the point that you excessively limit the people you are advertising to, it is no longer healthy. You can’t expect everyone to be your customers, but you can still reach out to them. Dismissing people early on could be a fatal mistake.


Using the wrong image size


Depending on the platform, you need different image sizes. Some sites like Pinterest accept large photos that can tell the entire story. However, for Twitter, you need something smaller due to the nature of the platform. If you don’t use appropriate images, it could ruin your effort.


Not using a text overlay

Some platforms can limit the number of words that you use. If you use more than the allowed numbers, it could flag your page and ban it. The strategy is to use a text overlay. It will enable you to say everything you need to say to advertise without violating the rule or limiting what you have to tell your target audience.


Failure to understand your audience

Not all products appeal to all people. Some of them only work well with a few people. Therefore, it helps if you target your ads specifically to the group that could buy what you offer. It does not mean you dismiss the rest, but you come up with a design that looks appealing to people you want to buy.


Leaving the campaign for too long

Constant interaction with people is crucial on social media since everything is moving fast. You can’t allow your campaign to continue for too long or else people will find it annoying. They will move on to the other exciting things they can see. You need continuous updates and interaction with the people.



There was a point when it was an effective strategy, but now, it is annoying. People will not only leave that ad but will hate your brand. They know that you are only baiting them to click on the ad and read through. It builds trust issues that you will regret later.

These are only a few of the mistakes you can make when advertising via social media. The bigger mistake that you might make is trusting only social media sites for advertisements. You also need to advertise using conventional methods like roller banners. You can check out for more information. You can’t leave this strategy out since some people still appreciate such advertising. Using any marketing strategy well could boost your company.


This is a guest contribution by Remi Ashton.

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